- MetaRep, an extended CMAS 3D program to visualize mafic (CMAS, ACF-S, ACF-N) and pelitic (AFM-K, AFM-S, AKF-S) projections. - Lydéric France and Christian Nicollet

Now, download the new version of MetaRep

This new version, in addition to a more convivial interface, has the enormous advantage not to require the use of Matlab, but only the MATLAB Component Runtime (MCR)

See the tutorial of MetaRep in english ! Ici, en français.


For the 3D visualization, download the free Flux-Player plugin (for PC) or FreeWrl (for Mac).

To see the Figure 2 in 3D, click here.

To see the Figure 6 in 3D,click here.

Computers &Geosciences 36 (2010) 786–791, doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2010.01.001 ; (download the pdf file of the paper)

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